Axel Hesse

editor + writer

director of a language school @

Burak Sercan Akyol

Photo: Marjola Rukaj


actor @

Corina Salazar

visual artist

Dorothée Billard

visual artist

Effi Rabsilber

Photo: Joachim Gern


film + theater actress @

Franziska Hübchen

editor + writer

actor agent @

Ilgın Uçar

visual artist

Jan-Henning Raff

web designer + art director + visual artist

Jana Wild


jazz singer + music teacher

Jörg Giese


Lisa Andergassen

english translator

media lecturer and writer @

Michel Diercks

Photo: Jakob Fliedner


film + theater actor @

Monika Oschek

Photo: André Röhner


film + theater actress @

Osamu Watanabe

visual artist

Pablo Perra

visual artist

multimedia artist

Sheng Haw Lim

visual artist

Siddhii Lagrutta


singer + film/theater actress

Verena Ackels


professional development expert @ ESMT Berlin


“I wrote some very short stories about all the places I have been”, said Axel. “Why don’t you collate them into an alternative travel guide?”, was the reaction of Josch (aka Jan-Henning). Our idea was born.

Only during lockdown, with the help of Franziska, it became reality: a website, where each story is accompanied with illustrations from local artists.

To add a further dimension, actors have helped us to create audios of the texts.

On 14 March 2022, we presented Edition 1 having a cheerful online launch party. Now, we are looking forward to completing Edition 2 in September 2022.

For the second Edition, we are opening up our project to external writers from all over the world. You are welcome to join the club by contributing a literary text about a place you have visited.

If you have questions about literary or visual contributions, please write to

P.S. take me to _ is a non-profit art project. We thank everyone who has helped us so far.

Axel – editor + writer
Franziska – editor + writer
Jan-Henning (Josch) – web designer + art director + visual artist

All texts, illustrations, artworks, recordings remain the intellectual property of the respective artists. For the rendering of the globe at the startpage was used. No user data is stored.